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An hour of revenge ... in Mexico

An hour of revenge ... in Mexico

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For a long time Mel Gibson sits behind the camera more often than before. After the spectacular success of the film "Braveheart - Valor Heart", the famous actor after nearly 9 years once again took over the production reins, this time being responsible for the picture "Passion" showing the last hours of Christ's life. As we ended up with Mel's third approach to film art, we know (mass school "pilgrimages" to movie theaters, fainting what more sensitive people during the screening ...), because the media has repeatedly repeated us with reports about


controversies related to Gibson's religious image. After the "Apocalypto" depicting the Mayan civilization, it was time for the tough guy of the action cinema to return to his place after prolonged absence from the screen. "Fury" from 2010, despite the strong main plot (the revenge of a desperate father on the ruthless murderers of his daughter) and the good role of Mel, achieved moderate success both box office and artistic.


Last year, the tireless Gibson returned as a mysterious Driver who, after a successful jump on a substantial sum of money, is stopped at the American-Mexican border accompanied by whistling and cutting car body bullets. After confiscation of the stolen cash by the local "la polisia", the main character is imprisoned in a Mexican prison resembling a town (hence the name "el pueblocito"). It is a place where the ruthless Javi (Daniel Giménez Cacho) rules with his entourage. Will the "Driver" manage in the brutal world of criminals, in which paper pesos are the highest value? The answer can be only one and it will not be pleasant both for the element keeping custody of the prison, and for all people entering the hard protagonist in, nomen omen, way ... In terms of character, the character created by Gibson is a return to his best film roots. And this is a return with the right class and taste, because "Driver" is a typical swaddler who manages in every situation. Sometimes as brazen as Porter from the "Hour of Vengeance" (stealing small blind included), sometimes ironic (a la Riggs from "Deadly Weapons"), but having a good heart and willing to help his neighbor ... as long as it doesn't spoil his too much own interests.


These types of characters have always been the best for Gibson, be it because of his appearance or his real character (see anti-Semitic excesses with the police and knocking out his ex-partner's teeth), so it is not surprising that Mel jumped into the shoes of "Driver" like stretched slippers. The production of "Dorwanie gringo" is based on the script showing a rather peculiar relationship between the title hombre and the Kid involved in an interesting plot. Of course, as it was at Gibson's tree, it will not do without the obligatory sequence of shootings (slow motion + return of the grenade to the sender) supported by cynical tones and cut retorts watered with peppery Mexican sauce. The expressive character with a dull past and a shady reputation is the strongest point of production. A sharp swashbucker with a sharp tongue in Gibson's skin immediately gains the viewer's sympathy. His subsequent attempts to lead his opponents into the field are based on the inborn protagonist's cunning. The strands of consecutive events are watched with pleasure, while the view of Mel who is doing hard is pleasing to the eye. Despite the advantages, "Get A Gringo" is "just" solid sensational cinema that is Gibson's return to a high form close to the creations of "Deadly Arms". Grunberg's film is a light affair of "Hours of Vengeance" (clever protagonist) with the aforementioned quadrology (boiled mouth + some fire exchanges) seasoned with ubiquitous Spanish sneaking into every second dialogue (due to the location of the action) adding flavor to the struggle of the "Driver". The new movie with Gibson is therefore absorbed quickly and painlessly, like a burrito without the addition of Tabasco.


And that the taste is not the same and the food does not accumulate in the stomach in a masochistically pleasant way? Well, apparently you can't have everything ...


A good sensationalist. .


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